The QA Magnispect High Definition Magnifier Is A Real Game-Changer In Sterile Processing Departments

Sterile Processing Department Employee Uses QA Magnispect



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Major Cleveland Hospital Gets Serious About Fighting HAI’s!

While HAI’s have been the scourge of sterile processing for decades, it’s only within the last several years that a simple, effective and inexpensive tool has been added to the sterile processing arsenal.

The QA Magnispect high definition electronic magnifier is changing the way sterile processing is done today. A QA Magnispect at each inspection station allows your techs to more efficiently manage the thousands of pieces they inspect each shift with greater accuracy and less strain on their eyes.

In fact, a VISN 10 facility recently added units to each of their inspection stations in their SPS to help them reach the highest standards in instrument inspection for the ultimate benefit of protecting our veterans.

Don’t put off this important decision any longer. The ultimate in high definition magnification is more accessible and more affordable than you can imagine. In fact, the QA Magnispect is only a few thousand dollars! For a free quote and more information on the QA Magnispect call us today.


Watch a demo of the QA Magnispect below: