QA Series TransformerHD

Introducing the QA Series TransformerHD

Portable Electronic Digital Magnification For Your SPD


QA Series would like to introduce the latest unit to our product line: the QA Series TransformerHD! Offering magnification levels up to 30x on a 24″ monitor, it connects to most laptop and desktop Macs and PCs.

The QA Series TransformerHD comes with an adjustable Sony 1080p high definition auto focus camera, capable of taking pictures and saving them for later use. Built in LED lighting adds an extra level of clarity and brightness to magnified instruments. Control magnification levels through buttons on the QA Series TransformerHD, icons on your computer screen or via keyboard shortcuts.

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QA TransformerHD Folded

Compact & Portable

The QA Series TransformerHD folds down to provide for quick and simple transport and storage.



QA TransformerHD Split Screen.Edit


Split Screen Capable

Use split screen to continue working on your laptop or desktop while magnifying surgical instruments. 

QA TransformerHD Laptop

Connects Through Wi-Fi

The QA Series TransformerHD can connect through HDMI, USB 3.0 or Wi-Fi. Go wireless to free up working space.